Forgive to Live

Be Free… REALLY free!

Find out how to forgive and be free

Holding on to anger is like swallowing a poison pill…and hoping the other person dies! It’s a deadly dilemma, but there is a solution.

Let go of grudges and bitterness

Everyone has a story to tell. Some stories inspire and encourage while others are hurtful, leaving deep wounds on the heart, mind and body. While we’ve been told forgiveness is important, we’ve never actually been shown how to forgive.

In this acclaimed e-learning series, ‘Forgive to Live’, Dr Dick Tibbits demonstrates how forgiveness can literally save your life. His ground-breaking research reveals that the failure or the inability to forgive creates an inner anger that disturbs our emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing and can actually lead to an array of ailments—depression, stress, heart disease and broken relationships. Watch Junior’s forgiveness story below, then scroll down and sign up for this free e-learning experience.

Forgive to Live six part e-learning series

Forgive to Live is a 6 part e-learning resource based on breakthrough research with Stamford University and Florida Hospital that is easy to understand and follow.

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