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I am | We understand what it’s like to drift in a broken and unstable world.

01 | Is there more to life?

It leaves you feeling anxious, lost and confused. The truth is you were created for more.
‘I AM’ is a biographical documentary series that answers the big questions in life. Who are we, why is the world so broken, and how do we find hope and purpose? Each film has a short interactive lesson to help you on your journey to know who you are.

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Law and media student in Sydney. When she is not nose-deep in textbooks she loves to get out in the sunshine, paint, play around with photoshop and go rock climbing. In the Bible she has found life, meaning, and direction.


Fitness coach, founder and director of USO Apparel, government social worker, high school teacher, church pastor and professional sportsman, Ray has tried his hand at almost everything. At the core of all of these interests is his deepest passion: introducing people to Jesus Christ, the Reason for every adventure, every goal and all of his drive..


Living in global cities like Hong Kong, Cambridge and Sydney has given Sven the opportunity to explore big concepts in life, like science, cosmology, philosophy and logic. He has discovered that behind all of these big ideas is one amazing Person—Jesus Christ.

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Volleyball state champion

Atheist professor

Drug lord

Investment banker



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