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Try Jesus

Each month Jesus is searched for 1.5 million times on the internet!

Many believe Jesus is the best option for their lives, find out for yourself.

try jesus creation

Jesus created the earth and its inhabitants

try jesus rescue

Jesus acted a rescue plan for the human race

try jesus heaven

Jesus provided opportunity for eternal life

Encounter for yourself the wisdom of Jesus and the positive influence He can have on life.

No person has had more influence on earth than Jesus

Why do so many put their trust in Him as a religious figure head? He is the only “God” to have predicted that he would be die, then rise again—and actually pull it off rising from the dead three days later after being murdered in AD 33.

Jesus, provider of eternal life

No best selling self help book has ever offered what Jesus offers

Jesus provides eternal life—that is life forever with no pain, suffering, sickness or sadness.
There is no obligation, no catch and no requirements other than to get to know Him, accept His suggestions of how to live life happily, and choose to make Him the guide for your life.

See for yourself what Jesus offers you, what life that never has an ending means to you and how knowing Jesus can benefit ALL your life including your health and wellbeing, your relationships, your outlook on life, your identity and purpose and the impact you can can on your world.

Try Jesus

Join Millions in encountering Jesus

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  • In this course you will encounter Jesus. If you accept Jesus into your life, you will experience life like you’ve never experienced it before for the better.

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The book written about Jesus has been the best selling book every year since it was first printed in 1455 AD.

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