Does LIFE have you feeling:

Angry Anxious StressedIsolatedPowerless

“Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry
heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

3 Step Plan


Watch each episode


Read the associated material for each lesson

Find Freedom

Implement the key idea for each lesson

Meet Your Guides

Blake Penland

A family man, runs two businesses, and is a church pastor. He has found rest in Jesus.

Joƫlle Lawrence

Helps run two businesses, and loves to share the Bible with people in the community.


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Living in a 24/7 Society

Living in a 24/7 society is tough…

Trusting God Through the Waiting

Waiting is sometimes unpleasant…

Finding Rest

Finding Rest

We know that you want REST! But in order to have this, you need freedom from the stress and complexity of life.
The problem is, restrictions, isolation, and financial uncertainty make you feel powerless and unsure of the future.
We believe you were created for something else, something more.

We know what its like to experience these challenges which is why we want you to experience the same peace that we have in Jesus.
So watch, read, and connect with us to find full freedom in your life so you can stop the stress and live free, connected with God and friends.



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