Born in Nowra, Lloyd went to eight different schools in twelve years. He grew up on a dairy farm until he was seven. His father was a lumberjack and a dairy farmer, until he decided when I was six years old, to become a pastor like his father was before him. After Lloyd’s dad became a pastor, they moved to Queensland and then to New Zealand.

Prior to being a pastor, Lloyd was a builder. He went to Bible college when he was 22 and kept building to pay for his college fees. Lloyd finally started work as a pastor in 1990 and has been doing this for almost 27 years now.

Lloyd has a passion to make the story of Jesus relevant to all Australians – it’s the best story to tell.  To achieve this dream, Lloyd is using every means possible to reach Australia including television and social media. With a team of people, Lloyd has established churches where people can connect with Jesus and experience the hope that only He can offer.

I’d love to journey with you on TV, social media, or in person at our local church, as we tour Australia and share some incredible stories that will inspire, encourage and even challenge you on your personal journey.

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The Aussie Pastor’s Messages for You