The Other Side of the Crisis

Finding Peace in unprecedented times

We are living in unprecedented times as the world faces a global crisis.
Can you find hope and stability?
Is your future secure? Are you at peace?
Where do you draw strength from when facing uncharted waters?

Introducing the

Hope Trilogy Series

The greatest antidote to fear for your future is revealed in the Bible

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God reveals his plan for the future of the world in the books of Daniel and Revelation

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Daniel was a refugee living around 620-538BC. The book of Daniel is an inspirational story that records a series of empires that would rule the world. History testifies to the accuracy of this information. In this series, you will discover these world empires and where we are now in earth history.


In first century AD, John was exiled on a small rocky island in the Aegean Sea. Through a series of visions, Jesus showed him a panorama of world events and the experience of humanity as they waited for life beyond the crisis. In this series you will discover these events and what will take place before Jesus returns.

End Time Events

In the final hours of his life, Jesus spoke words of comfort to his disciples; “let not your hearts be troubled.” These are key words that provide hope in a time of crisis. This series will look at historical dates and world events that will shape the End Time crisis and give you an understanding of how to live with joyful expectation.


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