Parenting Resource 09 – Parent Styles

There are three main Prenting Styles discussed in the Toolbox video. They are:

1. Sergeant Major Parenting: lots of rules, not many reasons for the rules, and no emotional connection.

2. Jellyfish Parenting: Lots of love, but very few rules, or an inability to enforce rules,

3. The Parent Coach: The child is treated with love and respect while also being expected to take some responsibility for their actions.

Do you think love and connection, rules and structure can co-exist in the way we parent ?

Do you naturally lean towards love and connection, or rule and structure?

What’s your parenting style? What about your partner?

Love and respect work well with
rules and structure.


If you are not in the Parent Coach category, what can you do this week to move into that category?

Treat children with love and respect, showing them how to take responsibility for their actions. Remembering to model love and respect in your own adult relationships.