Parenting Resource 08 – Loving Discipline

Discipline is sometimes misunderstood. Its important to remember that when we talk about discipline, it is not about whacking or yelling.

The discipline we are referring to more about training to improve in something.

This is the way discipline should be used – as a way of showing our kids that we love them and we are helping them to become the best they can be.

What is the difference between discipline/training and punishment?

What words do you use to describe discipline? Are they similar or different to the ones discussed in the video?

Love and Limits work really well together.


Are you disciplining out of love or anger? What are some strategies you could us this week to ensure you are always using discipline in a loving way?

Discipline is more than just the immediate reaction to a child’s behaviour. It’s helping a child solve their own problems, think things through and learning responsibility.

Discipline is not something you do TO your child because you’re angry, its something you do FOR them, because you love them.