Parenting Resource 05 – Family Culture

Culture helps kids build their sense of identity. Family culture is different and unique for each family. For some families it may be the way that you celebrate Christmas, the activities you do together, how you welcome visitors, or the way you enjoy a meal together.

All of these activities help to define the sense of love and belonging within your family unit and also help to provide a great way to make long lasting memories that will be cherished forever!

What are some traditions that your family enjoy together? If you don’t have any, what are some things you could do to encourage this family culture?

Research shows that children want to spend more time with their parents. What are some ways you could engage with your kids this week.

Culture helps kids build their sense of identity.


What meal will you have together this week? Are there parameters you would like to set for the meal?
(for example no phones, TV off?) Get creative and enjoy it!

Parenting involves role modelling – if we want our children to be happy and to be able to handle stress well, they need to see us modelling looking after ourselves well.