Parenting Resource 01 – Atmosphere

Sometimes, the atmosphere in our homes is inherited or simply happens because we are not intentional in creating it.

Making a point of choosing to create a fun, warm and loving place for your family to live, is something you can do now, that your children will remember throughout their adult years.

The great thing about making a change in this space is that you can do it today!

What’s the atmosphere in your home?

How do you think your children will remember the atmosphere when they are adults?

How could you inspire a warm positive environment in your home?

Make a point of creating fun memories .


What are 3 things you will do in this coming week to foster a positive atmosphere in your home?

“How our homes ‘feel’ is what our children remember most of all. So, if you are going to pay attention to something, pay attention to the atmosphere in your home. It’s one of the most important parts of parenting.’