Lloyd and Lizca

G’day! I’m Lloyd Grolimund, the Aussie Pastor

It may be over 2000 years old, but I believe the Bible is super practical, and now with almost 32 years of experience as a pastor and follower of Jesus, I want to give you confidence in scripture and an authentic relationship with God.

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More about Lloyd:

“I was born in a little town called Nowra. We lived on a dairy farm where I grew up till I was seven. My father was a lumberjack and a dairy farmer until one day he decided to become a pastor like my grandpa. His ministry took us to Queensland and then New Zealand.

I’m a builder by trade, and I kept working as a builder to pay for tuition when I entered Bible college at twenty-two. I finally started work as a pastor in 1990. In my thirty-odd years of ministry I’ve gone from working with youth, to preaching in the jungles of Papua New Guinea, and running local churches.

I have a passion to make the story of Jesus relevant to all Australians – it’s the best story of all. To achieve this dream, I use every means possible to reach Australia, including television and social media. With a dedicated team behind me, I’ve established churches where people can connect with Jesus and experience the hope that only He can offer.”

Lloyd and Lizca

Lloyd and his wife Lizca

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You can find me on social media or in person at my church, New Hope Seventh Day Adventist.

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